Little People & Little Puppies

What are cuter… babies or puppies? How about babies WITH puppies. Cuteness overload right? People just melt over photos and videos that are posted on social media of puppies with babies playing or snuggling. Dogs have been companions to children forever. Think about it… Lassie & Timmy, Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Nana from Peter Pan actually took care of the Darling children. It is such a great experience for kids to be around dogs and other types of animals (side note, always keep an eye on kids and dogs when they are together as both can be unpredictable) . It teaches them how to be humane and that we share this world with other living creatures. I think it also teaches them responsibility and how to care for one another. Bottom line, dogs can help to raise loving, caring, productive members of society.

The shelter that I volunteer at has a humane education department. An important part of animal rescue is teaching people about what we do. If people aren’t aware of what is going on, then they can’t help to fix the problem. One of the most important things that this department does is go into schools to teach the children about the animals and what being humane is. There are a lot of children that have not been exposed to animals in their life and may be afraid of them. Also, in some poverty stricken neighborhoods, people are just trying to survive. Children are not always taught the importance of being humane to animals. There is a direct correlation of how people treat animals and then how they treat people. If children are taught to be humane to animals at a young age, it will teach them to be humane to their fellow humans as well. Education is the key to a better world.

Dogs should be accessible to all children. I love seeing dogs being used as therapy animals for children with disabilities. I’m not just talking about disabilities that you can physically see. Dogs are now being used to help calm kids with autism, downs syndrome, and mental illnesses. If you have been reading the blog for a while now you know I used to be a teacher. I worked in an inclusion classroom with all different types of students. It makes me so happy that dogs are being used to aid these children. It is something that I have read a lot about and hope to be able to do in the future. I would love to train rescue dogs to help children and people in general with disabilities. Remember, just because you can’t see outward signs does not mean that someone isn’t dealing with something on the inside. The idea that two living beings can come together and heal each other is just amazing to me.

A great way to teach kids responsibility is having them help out with the family dog. The can help feed, walk, and bathe. Parents sometimes come into our shelter looking for a dog to give to their daughter/ son. When you live together as a family it really should be a joint decision with everyone in the house. In the end, the parent should always be the responsible party because kids are kids. Teaching kids the amount of time and effort it takes to care for a living being is a great experience for them. It’s even a great idea to involve them in training. It will strengthen their bond and teach them a lot about each other.

I wish Teddy had been exposed to kids more as a younger pup. Now that he is a bit older he gets somewhat nervous around them. There just aren’t many children in his everyday life and he gets a little fearful. Kids tend to be unpredictable, which is not something that Teddy does well with. If something jumps out at him or moves too quickly, he gets nervous. Also, kids tend to be loud, and loud sounds make Teddy very anxious (ie. fireworks, thunder). So the yelling, running, and jumping, not something that makes Teddy happy. Hopefully if I have my own children some day he will come around, but he is my one and only baby for now.

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Pup of the Week:

Meet Bo. He was the unfortunate victim of his humans getting divorced. They did not have enough “time or energy” for him anymore. That is a direct quote from their surrender paperwork. Even though his previous owners let him down, he is such a sweet boy and ready for his Furever home! PS…he cant take a bad picture!

Weekly Pupdate:

Both Nena and Gideon were adopted to loving homes!

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