Is My Dog a Psychic?

I’ve admitted to you all before that I love watching cheesy action movies and TV shows. It just gets me away from the hum drum that everyday life can bring and allows me to escape for a while. Pretty much if it’s on the CW TV station I will watch it. You name it, The Vampires Diaries, The Originals, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Roswell, the list goes on and on. These shows focus on the supernatural, vampires, ghosts, witches, psychics, aliens. It’s an escape, but I’ve never considered that there was any truth to it. I know there are people out there that feel differently. In fact, I read about a whole group of people out there that were planning on storming Area 51 to prove that it exists and that aliens are there. I think they were told that they better not do it, so now they are having some kind of alien festival 25 miles away. Obviously those people take the supernatural very seriously. Although I don’t really give much merit to this type of stuff, lately I’ve been thinking there may be a supernatural being close to me, following me around every day. This being is none other than my dog, Teddy.

So here it is, judge me, call me crazy, but I think my dog Teddy may be psychic. I once went to a real psychic, well it was a psychic in training. My friend had met this woman in Lillydale (which is an area in upstate NY known for its psychics). I’ve never been, but it sounds like it would be a fun trip. Apparently, to become a full fledged psychic you have to do so many readings as a trainee first. My friend thought she would be nice and have the woman over and have a little fortune telling party. We had snacks, drinks, and we all took turns getting a reading. When I walked in the tiny bedroom she was reading in, she asked me why I was there. She guessed that I was a skeptic, but she continued to give me a reading anyways. She told me that she saw something floating around me that looked like Disney’s Tinkerbell. She said it represented the fact that I make other people happy. Ok….Tinkerbell is following me….great. She went on to tell me that she saw 3 paths for me. She said that I would be happy on all 3. One was the path I was already on (which to be honest wasn’t that awesome). Then there was the second option that apparently I had considered and I would be even happier with. Finally, there was a third option that I was only dreaming of. This path was something that I didn’t think was even possible for myself. If I followed this path, it would lead me to a happiness that I never imagined. I think psychics are trained to tell you things so no matter how you think about them it could be true. So I checked “psychic reading” off of my bucket list. It’s not something that I would pursue again, but it’s also something that I haven’t forgot.

I digress, but back to Teddy being a psychic. Let me explain. He just seems to know things about me before I even do. It’s like he knows what I am going to do before I do it. Maybe I’m just a creature of habit. When I’m sick he literally lays on the part of my body that feels ill. How does he know? My stomach was sick a couple weeks ago, and he kept laying right on it. I couldn’t get over how he was trying to comfort me in the very spot that felt bad. It made me feel emotionally better, but honestly did not make my stomach feel much better. Having an extra 15 lbs laying on an already sensitive spot was a little uncomfortable. Teddy also just seems to always know how I am feeling in my head. If I’m upset he knows right away. He tries to get as close to me as possible, climbing right up on my chest and putting his little head under my chin. (FYI his head fits perfectly right in the little nook under my chin). The only exception is when I get so upset that I ugly cry. You know what I’m talking about. It’s not frequent, but everyone has those moments where they just have to let loose and have an ugly, disgusting, loud, and obnoxious cry. This includes loud waling, incoherent words, crocodile tears, hiccups, snot dripping out of your nose, and then weird snorting sounds when you try to suck it back up. Teddy just kind of sits and stares at me when I get like this. It doesn’t happen often, but I’m pretty sure he thinks I have lost my mind. When I get myself under control he comes right back.

His little head fits perfectly under my chin!

Since I’m a Single Dog Mom it is good to have someone around the house that gets me, even if they are not human. I think a lot of dogs in general have similar “powers”. Do any of you out there find that your dogs know what you are thinking or how you are feeling? Even dogs that I meet for the first time at the shelter that I volunteer at seem to know how I am feeling that day. I thinks dogs are special creatures that know a lot more than we give them credit for. This is why I will never stop fighting to rescue them all. So if you adopt a dog be prepared to have a little furry psychic on your hands. But don’t worry, they only use their powers for good.

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Pup of the Week:

Meet this big hunk of a guy Bruce. I wanted to feature Bruce because he has a rough looking exterior, but he is a very sweet dog. When you go to a shelter to adopt, remember that some of the dogs have had a tough lives before they were rescued. Please be their second chance!

Weekly Pupdate:

Great News! Sheena was adopted the day after my last blog was published. I’m so glad she found a family!

** Remember, if you click on the link for one of the featured Pup’s of the Week and it doesn’t work, they are unavailable. They could be on hold or adopted. If you have any questions feel free to direct message me. Thanks!

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