A Community of Caring

Recently I had an interesting encounter on one of my shifts at the shelter. A couple visited from Mississippi that were extremely involved in their local rescue shelter. They were directed over to me as I was the volunteer that had been with the shelter the longest that night. They loved our shelter and wanted to know what makes us so successful. There are so many reasons we are successful, but I think the biggest one is our community. We are blessed with a community of humane wonderful people. Not only do they adopt animals, but we have an overabundance of volunteers. If people can’t volunteer, they donate or take part in fundraising events. The couple from Mississippi said that their community is not that involved, which makes it hard. I realized how lucky I am to live amongst a community that feels the same way that I do about animals. We love and respect them.

Little Teddy and some other pups at a fundraising event last year. As you can see the community showed up!

We have a large community here of animal lovers, of course there are always bad people anywhere you go. However, the amount of love and support that an animal gets if they fall victim to those bad people is unreal. People come out in droves to see what they can do to help an animal in need. The shelter that I volunteer at is the 2nd oldest shelter in the country. It is over 150 years old. So you could say that we have had a lot of time to build up a humane and loving community in our area. One of big things that our shelter does right is educate our community about being kind to animals from a young age. Our humane education department runs programs and camps for children. They go into schools in underprivileged communities to teach them to be humane to animals. It’s so important to educate people while they are young. Those children will grow into the future of our community. I have a very close friend that works in an inner city school, she is an amazing teacher and person, and she said that the children absolutely love when the shelter comes in with animals. They also get to come on field trips a few times a year to the shelter. We now know that roots are planted when we are young. If those roots don’t teach humanity, well we see the results in the news everyday. I went to school for education, and I know how important humane education is to early childhood development. I feel so passionately about educating our young to be animal lovers.

How can you resit that smile! This is Rose (a Pup of the week from a few weeks ago). She was so happy to have some love from me!

Have you ever heard anyone say “If my dog doesn’t like them then I know something is wrong with them.” Animals have a good sense of person’s inner goodness. As a Single Dog Mom, I know for sure that if Teddy doesn’t like a guy, then the chances of me liking them are slim to none. Although lets get real here, I have to REALLY like someone for them to even meet my dog. I’ve read that you need to surround yourself with people that share your values and inspire you to be better. I choose to surround myself with people that love dogs just as much as I do. Don’t worry, I have some cat loving friends too. It’s kind of funny, even though some of my friends have children, we end up talking about our dogs more than the kids. I’m constantly getting asked by the people I surround myself with what they can donate or help with. I get a ton of involvement when there is a fundraising event, and I even find random donations at my desk or my car when I’m at work. During the week my fellow volunteers and I keep watch of the dogs that we have worked with to see if they get adopted (our shelter has a great website we all stalk everyday). We message each other to share joy and sadness and support each other more than just when we are together at the shelter. I count myself lucky to have such wonderful people around me.

The beautiful thing about our community is that we are not the only shelter that is supported. We have a handful of wonderful shelters and many small rescue groups that operate out of volunteers’ homes. It’s such a great feeling knowing that there is enough love to go around. The sad fact is that there is always more to be done. I am ready to do more….are you?

Thank you! Thank you!…. for reading and following the Single Dog Mom Blog. My goal is to educate people and get them involved in animal rescue and assist where I can with training and behavior. If you ever want more information don’t hesitate to send me a message here or on Instagram @singledogmom.

Pup of the week:

Meet Bogart! He is a beautiful young beagle mix that has been with us a little over a week. He is a little scared right now and would do better in a home instead of the shelter. It can be a scary place for guys like him.

Weekly Pupdate:

I have amazing news to share! After months of being with us, Duncan was finally adopted! A couple came in that had seen him a couple months ago and they thought it was fate that he was still there. Yay Duncan! Congratulations on finding your furever home!

Sheena is an amazing girl and has been with us for a couple weeks now. I’m actually shocked she is still at the shleter because she such a great girl!

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