Dog Mamas and Baby Mamas

The thought of leaving my dog makes me feel empty inside. I don’t know if it’s because I feel bad leaving him, like he’s going to be so depressed he wont be able to function. Maybe its because I need him. It makes me think that maybe Teddy is my emotional support dog. Any time I go anywhere for an extended period of time Teddy stays at Gamma Gampa’s house with his friends Auggie & Cassie. I know he is spoiled rotten and has fun with his little friends, but dropping him off knowing that I wont see him for a week still makes my heart hurt. I know that once we are off doing our own things we will both be fine. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to leave human babies behind, unless of course you really need a vacation from them I guess. I have mentioned numerous time to friends, coworkers, and family “What if Teddy forgets me!” and they respond incredulously, “He could never forget you!” Just what I needed to hear….don’t worry, I do laugh and my ridiculousness all the time.

At my age I am friends with a lot of young moms. My friends are having babies…I’m adopting puppies. I’m okay with my decision. I always try to be there for my friends when they are having a stressful day. I’ve witnessed my coworkers coming in stressed…sometimes almost in tears because of the morning they’ve had. My first reaction is to try and make them laugh. I listen carefully and then say “I completely understand as a single mom myself….its tough man”. Inevitably, they just stare at me and then start laughing which was my goal. I know that having a dog is not quite the same as having a human baby. It is fun to joke with my mom friends though. They know I’m kidding….and seriously he is my baby….

Picking out his favorite toys

This weekend I was doing some spring cleaning, and I found an overflowing box of dog toys in my closet. Teddy also has a box of toys that is out and available for him to play with every day. I switch them out with the ones in the closet every couple months and I look like the best dog mom ever. He looks at me as if to say “All of these new toys for me? Best day ever!!!!” This time I told him that we needed to give back to the shelter. After all it brought me Teddy. So I dumped out all of the the toys in the living room. It was sort of a toys-a-palooza for a while. I think it was actually the funnest 30 minutes of my weekend. I gave him toys and if he really liked them he ran away with them. If he took them and dropped them right away we put them in the donate pile. We ended up with a giant bag a toys to donate to the shelter. We moms gotta teach them young about giving back to the community after all. I was telling this story to the girls at work and they just kept saying they wished they were a fly on the wall in my house. Yes this ridiculousness really happens, and yes it is fun.

I will be taking a break from blogging for the next couple of weeks and I will have even more fun and exciting stories when I return. Remember to love your pups and give back to those in need in your community. Adopt don’t shop!

My new shirt! I love it!

Pup of the week:

Meet cute little Gretl. She was rescued from a puppy mill and is a scared little girl. All of the amazing volunteers have been working with her and she is starting to come out of her shell. She needs someone gentle and understanding to take her home. Remember this is where pet stores and reckless breeders get their puppies. Adopt don’t Shop!

Weekly Pupdate:

Last Week’s pup BayBay was adopted. You go girl!

Also, some other Pups of the week, Aero and Jax. have entered into a local program called “Pups in the Pen”. A local women’s penitentiary trains and works closely with the dogs to help them get adopted. It is a great program for both the dogs and people involved.


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