Safety First Dog Moms!

So I have admitted that I can be somewhat of a neurotic single dog mom. I like to think of it as operating on more of a “Safety First” platform. I do so many things to keep Teddy safe and happy. But sometimes things just happen and you feel helpless. This little boy has given me more than a few “heart attacks” over the course of our time together. The last few weeks just seemed to be one thing after another.

A couple of weeks ago Teddy got me all tangled up in his leash when we were walking and I accidentally stepped on his foot. I was horrified as I heard his little yip. He walked away completely fine, trotting along like normal. Literally an hour later when he jumped off the couch he started limping. When I say limping, I mean dramatically limping. My immediate reaction? PANIC. I called my Mom and screeched into the phone “I think I broke Teddy’s foot!” You want to know what she did? She laughed. I mean, I guess I’ve called her more than once panicking over my dog, but a laugh? “Don’t laugh at me! His foot could be broken!!!” I shouted. We went back and forth like this for about 15 minutes with both my Mom and Dad convincing me not to rush him to emergency vet. So I waited it out to see how he would be the next day. I woke up and he was was still limping. I brought him to my parents so they could keep an eye on him while I was at work, and guess what? He was barely limping for them. Fast forward to the end of the day, I go to pick him up and as soon as he sees me…limp limp limp. Hmmm….does he have me wrapped around his little paw or what? He ended up being fine, but heart attack number one for his Mama.

Wrapped around his little paw: What Mom? I can climb all over the clean laundry right? Of course you know I let him.

Last week Teddy decided things must have been too quiet, so he decided to spice things up. Let me set the scene. It was the middle of the night. I felt Ted jump off the bed. I woke up and decided to take bathroom break etc. but noticed he didn’t jump back up with me. When I closed my eyes to go back to sleep I could feel him staring at me. So being the loving dog mom I am, I went to help him jump back up. This is when all heck broke loose. He lost his mind. He started screeching and howling and wiggling to get out of my arms. I was so shocked! It was 2 in the morning and to my knowledge we had both been sleeping soundly the whole night. I tried to pick him up again. The same thing happened. I tried to take him outside to go potty. He wouldn’t budge. He started backing away from me in fear, little tail tucked. I had no idea what was going on. I eventually got a giant blanket from the bedroom, wrapped him up gingerly, and put him up on the bed with me. Then…you guessed it, I called my poor parents as 2 am. My lovely father actually answered. “I think Teddy is dieing!” I cried. “He’s not dieing.” my dad said firmly. So I explained the horrifying events of the last 15 minutes. He told me he had a hunch since this sounded like a similar situation they had with one of their dogs. He told me to trying touching his back. I touched his back gently and he winced like crazy. The muscles were twitching all over the place. ” Probably just pulled something.” my dad explained. He gently told me to wait until morning to call the vet since it was practically almost morning at this point. I probably shouldn’t tell you that I yelled into the phone “He could be dead by morning!” but I did. I was panicking. (I told you I could be dramatic) So I held my little love in that big blanket for the rest of the night, barely sleeping. When I did finally doze off, my alarm went off. And guess what? Teddy got up, stretched, shook himself, and got off the bed. Apparently he was fine. I guess he was having a muscle spasm of some sort. Heart attack number 2 for his Mama.

I do everything possible to be a good dog mom. Since these two little injury/ accident happenings, I have gotten him some doggy stairs to get on and off the chair he likes to sit in and the bed. I don’t want him hurting his legs or back from jumping. I mean I do have to admit that he is 8 now. I pull muscles all the time, so why can’t it happen to him? Another safety procaution I take is to have a seat belt for Teddy in the car. PSA, (public service announcement) it probably saved his life. Someone hit me from behind while I was at a red light a few years back and he would have gone flying if he wasn’t wearing it. Seat belt your dogs people! I recently had to change out all of my garbage cans after 8 years as well. My little trouble maker was getting into all of the dirty tissues and either eating them or shredding them up. I make sure he is properly harnessed when we go for walks. I feed him all natural food. I brush his teeth with poultry flavored toothpaste (he loves it). I mean come on, that’s dedication.

Doggy Seat belt

When you are a dog mom I guess you never know what is going to happen. It would be easier if they could tell us when something was wrong, but alas you just have to be prepared for anything. I may be over prepared and neurotic at times, but that’s just me. The good times far outweigh the bad and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Pup of the week:

Meet Boss- he plays hard and sleeps hard. He has been with the shelter for a while and really wants to find his furever home!

Weekly Pupdate:

Aero is still up for adoption, and after spending time with him last week, I know he will find a great home soon. He is such a sweet boy!

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