The Good, Bad, Ugly, & Beautiful

Well, this single dog mom is now year older. Wiser? I sure hope so. This has been a crazy year full of good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. All of those experiences have shaped me into the person that I am today….one year older.

Let’s talk about the good, since it is always easier to discuss. The good things that stick out in my mind are Teddy (obviously), being able to travel abroad again, and being able to spend time with my family. I love being able to volunteer at the shelter, and the people that I have met there along with all of the animals. I read something this year that said as long as you are doing something positive everyday to make your life better, then you are doing good. I have tried to make this a goal of mine in 2019 especially. It sometimes gets me off my butt even if I feel totally drained. I think to myself “What have I done today to better my life?” It definitely makes me feel good that I have accomplished something positive even if it was a tough day.

Now lets talk about the bad……well I know many people have it worse than me so I cant really complain too much. I guess the thing that bothers me most in the “bad” category is that I feel as though I’m not living up to my full potential. I read a quote recently, “The world needs who you were meant to be”. I think I also need who I was meant to be. You would think turning one year older I would be closer to who I am meant to be. Sometimes I feel like I am and then other days I just feel super frustrated. I know there a lot of people out there that can relate. I actually had someone in the professional world this year tell me that I am doing better that I think I am and that I should lower my standards. She actually thought that I had set goals for myself that were way too high. Are you kidding me? No successful person has said to themselves “You know what? I’m good with mediocrity”. I actually considered that maybe this person was right for a while, and that was bad. I forced myself to get that thought right out of my head.

Lets get the ugly part of this year out of the way quick, like ripping off a band aid. I guess the ugliest part was having to see people that I love struggle. Thus leading me to struggle. It’s hard to see them sick or worried. I think I have done a good job at staying strong. However, there is still this little locked box in the back of my mind full of worry and stress. I try not to open that box because I need to be strong, but it leaks out every so often no matter how hard I try. Volunteering at the shelter is usually my therapy and my shining light that guides me through life. In the past few months we have had some difficult cases. Last week we lost one of the dogs that we have had for while to cancer. She was part of a bonded pair of sisters that had been together their whole lives. Her sister was visibly changed but this. It’s so hard to know that you can’t save them all. We had a few other tough cases that have stuck with me as well, but if I get into all the details I think you and I will be sitting here blubbering like babies.

I comforted sad little Sandra after we found out her sister was most likely not going to make it.

Now let’s move on to the beautiful. This is what makes all of the bad and ugly bearable. I have an absolutely beautiful little nephew that I adore. I have a beautiful little Teddy dog that I am pretty much obsessed with. I am on my way to travel abroad yet again and see more of the beauty in this world. Last week I saw such a beautiful act of kindness at the shelter. A young boy of about 10 really liked one of the older dogs that was available for adoption named Blue. Blue was 10 years old and had just had surgery that day. Needless to say Blue was not having a great day. The young boy asked his father, since they couldn’t adopt him, if he could take his own money out of his savings account and pay for the dog’s adoption fee in hopes he would get adopted faster. He was so shy about it, and didn’t even want anyone to know what he did. But the smile on his face when he came to say goodbye to Blue said it all. I have been volunteering for 12+ years and I’ve seen a lot, but this got me all sorts of choked up. I don’t think he knew how bad I needed to see this beautiful moment that day. It really puts life in perspective.

Baby boy Blue after his adoption fee was paid. Good news…he has since been adopted!

You can’t have all of the good and beautiful without the bad and ugly. Unfortunately it’s just not possible. So looking to this next year of my life, I am going to take all of those beautiful moments and cherish them. In fact I will try to multiply them. I am going to take all of the ugly times in stride and let them build up my strength. We do the best that we can with what we have, right? I see a lot of possibility to make this year my best one yet. Please come along with me for the journey.

Pup of the Week:

Aero is a delightful guy that I got to meet last week. Just look at that silly face!

Weekly Pupdate:

My baby girl Allegra that I featured last week is still available. Someone nice came in and wanted to adopt her last week, but since she has some medical issues, he didn’t have the means to take care of her. I know she will find her special someone. Until then, I will keep giving her lots of love!

Allegra loves playing!

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