Overprotective Dog Mom

When I adopted Teddy, he was the first dog that I had ever owned by myself as an adult. I wanted everything that I did for him to be the best that I could do. I got him food with all natural and healthy ingredients. I got him the healthiest treats, expensive dog shampoo, cozy blankets, and toys galore. I wouldn’t give him any scraps from the table and lectured others if they tried to feed him. Nothing was too good for my baby. Then one day the unspeakable happened. I was walking my beautiful new baby around town when a woman stopped to say hi to him. Before I knew what was happening she was shoving a Dorito into his tiny little mouth. A Dorito! To be honest my friends still laugh to this day when I tell this story. I was so horrified that my new baby boy was going to choke on the Dorito….or worse get sick. Guess what? He was fine. I was just a paranoid new dog mom. Then there was the time my roommate took Teddy for a walk and came back and said “Guess what! I got him an ice cream cone!” I stared at her incredulously. “But what if he’s lactose intolerant!” I said. Yet again he was fine. I couldn’t help it. He was the first living breathing being that I was solely responsible for. Not to mention I was totally in love with him even after that short period time we were together.

Baby Teddy having his first ice cream cone

Since then, I have loosened up some what. Teddy gets some little treats here or there when I’m cooking. I know he definitely gets extra treats when he stays at his Gammy Gampy’s house. He gets a denta- stix at night to keep his teeth clean. You can see all the different kinds at https://www.pedigree.com/# . I feed him Purina One Beyond because I like the ingredients in this particular type of Purina, but also because our shelter uses Purina for the dogs and cats. Purina is great company that donates their food to the shelter and it keeps our animals happy and healthy. Check them out at https://www.purina.com/beyond . You will go crazy trying to find out what is the best thing to feed your pet, but the more expensive brands are not necessarily better. I have realized that I need to use this mentality on myself as well as my dog. Am I keeping myself healthy and happy? Am I using things that are good for me?

Waiting for his nightly Denta- stix

This past year I noticed I was having allergy issues, which I have never had before in my life. After months of trying to ignore it, I finally went to an allergist. After a week of extremely annoying allergy testing, I found out that I am allergic to…wait for it….fragrance. ALL FRAGRANCE. Fragrance is in everything, and frankly I love it. I was so upset after my appointment when I got my results that I actually missed my exit as I was driving to work. I was just thinking about everything that I was using that I had paid good money for that wasn’t actually good for me. It was the years and years of overuse that had caused me to become allergic to them. My best friend completely understood how upset I was without me even having to explain. “No! Your Perfume from Paris!” she exclaimed over drinks one night. I had been fortunate enough to be able to go to London and Paris this past year and one of the best parts was getting to tour a French perfumerie. Of course I splurged on perfume, and it is just lovely. Goodbye French perfume, good bye lavender bubble baths, goodbye fresh scent of clean laundry.

I spent the weekend going through everything I was using and replacing it with products from the “safe product list” the allergist had given me. It cost me a pretty penny and a good amount of time and effort. The more I looked at the things I had been using and the things that I should now be using I was surprised by some of the ingredients that I had been putting on my body. Some products even say unscented and they use scents to cover other scents so they seem unscented. Misleading right? Of course this unleashed the detective in me and I started researching what is harmful to us and what is actually safe for us to use. This is when I came across the Environmental Working Group. Some of my new products had a EWG verified stamp on them. The EWG’s mission is “to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.” check out their website https://www.ewg.org/. It is so interesting and informative. I think this whole allergy issue is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am one step closer to living a healthier life style. And guess what? I don’t even miss my beloved fragrances. It turns out there are more important things in life to worry about.

Even though I am still and always will be an overprotective dog mom, I am learning to protect myself too. Happy Mama happy Teddy! Let this be a lesson to all moms, all women, and all people for that matter. Life is a crazy struggle most of the time, but take care of yourself first and foremost. If you are happy and healthy, then you are going to be more productive and successful at everything you do.

P.S Say a little prayer for Auggie, my Mom and Dad’s dog, the first dog I ever rescued. He started me on this journey. He had to have surgery for a torn ACL. He is doing well so far and is coming home today!

Auggie is on the far right, Cassie in the middle, and little Ted is in the back!

Dog of the Week:

Meet Bella! This Baby girl would do best in a adult only home. Click on the link for more info.


Weekly Pupdate:

Last week’s dog of the week, Sebastian, is still waiting for his furever home. Message me if you would like more details. Good luck buddy, I think you will go home soon!

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