Dogs and Moms Spread Joy

Every year at this time I look through hundreds upon hundreds of photos that I have snapped of Teddy throughout the year.  He is just so photogenic I can’t stop myself!  I have to find the best photo of the year to put on our all important Christmas Card.  I just know how much joy that he brings me, I want to spread that joy to other people.  I have been told by people that just seeing pictures of him on Facebook or Instagram , makes their days.  I can totally relate as all I really follow on social media are dog related pages.  One of my favorites is Norbert the therapy dog.  He is a tiny little white rescue dog that visits people in hospitals etc.  When I see pictures of him and his adventures it just warms my heart right up. Check him out at , you wont regret it.  He really spreads joy to all he reaches.  We all try to do our part by donating to those in need this time of year, but it is something that we need to carry with us always all year long.

#1 on Santa’s List!

Volunteering at my shelter, there are things that I see that I wish didn’t ever happen.  It also brings to light the amazing people in my community that do whatever they can to help the animals at our organization.  An act of kindness that has become very popular amongst patrons of our shelter is that they pay adoption fees even if they cannot adopt the animal.  People come into the shelter knowing that they cannot adopt for whatever reason.  Inevitably they see a dog (or other animal) that they fall in love with.  A lot of times it is an older dog, or a dog that has medical issues.  To help get the animal adopted they pay all of the fees associated with the adoption.  This gives the animal a greater chance of getting adopted. I have been seeing this more and I just cant get over it.  I just think it is an incredible thing to do.

Not the happiest Reindeer

Not everyone can afford to give money, but I think people forget that their time can be more valuable than money.  I know I can’t afford to pay for all of the animal’s adoption fees, but I donate my time.  There are so many ways to donate your time in your community.  I have volunteered at nursing homes, soup kitchens, and hospitals.  I will never forget the people that I met, the full feeling it gave my heart, and the things that I learned.  Give it a try and see how full of joy your life can become.   Lets end the year on a high note and lets go into 2019 spreading joy to all.  Teddy and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!  We will be back with a new blog post after the new year!

Dog of the week:

Meet Coal!  He is a a Mastiff mix and a beautiful brindle color.  He has been with us for a couple weeks and is a very timid and nervous guy that gives big slobbery kisses.  He would be a great snuggle buddy!


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