Dog Moms Need to be Present

Animals have something special that I envy.  They are always living in the moment.  They do not live in the past, they do not live in the future.  They only live in the here and now.  I come home from work, tired and hungry.  I immediately cook dinner, try to get some exercise in, wait does laundry need to be done?  My mind is racing through all of the things I need to do now that I am home. The whole time Teddy is patiently watching me and following me from task to task. When I finally do sit down and he jumps up on my lap, I sometimes find myself texting, reading things on my phone, and just not being present.  I am lucky because Teddy is the one that can bring me back to reality.  He usually interrupts me with a polite sigh, tiny woof, or the bolder nudge of the hand holding the phone.  This translates to “Hey I’m here! Be here with me!”  This is immediately followed by extreme dog mom guilt and I pretty much do whatever he wants me to.  After I spend 15 or 20 minutes following his every command (this toy, now that toy, now scratch my bum!) I feel the stress of the day completely melt away.  Why do I need a constant reminder to be present?

Pay Attention to me Mama

When I am volunteering at the animal shelter, the animals there only have the present. Myself and my fellow volunteers only have a small window of time that we are there with them to make a difference. I do not bring my phone in, this is my time with the animals. If I am distracted, I am not giving them the attention that they need. It could cost them a potential adoption, or they could act out in a negative way because nobody was paying attention to them. I love being there so much that it is easy to be stuck in the present. I need to learn how to incorporate this into my every day life.

Me and “Puppy” a dog I worked with at the shelter a couple months ago (since been adopted)

On a typically Monday morning I feel the same way every week. Disappointed that the weekend is over, a little anxious about the long week ahead, and already to looking forward to the next weekend. I’ve done this ever since I was a child. I would terribly miss the things that were over, and then I couldn’t stand the wait until the next big exciting thing.  Now that I’m old enough to reflect on my life, I know this is something that I need to work on. Instead of thinking “Ugg, it’s Monday morning.” I want to learn to embrace the beauty of a new week. I have another week to spend with the people I love, another week to accomplish great things. It is definitely a challenge that I’m sure many of you can relate to. I want to really enjoy all of that “in between” time.  This is the time in between the holidays, vacations, and big events. For example, Christmas is coming up. It is an exciting time full of preparation.  We are decoration, baking, and shopping.  It all culminates into one big day, and then its over. Well, this year I am going to make sure to enjoy that time of waiting and preparation. It can be just as wonderful as the actual day that we are waiting for. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great to have things to look forward to. We do have to plan for the future, and we would be remiss if we ignored the memories and the lessons the past has taught us. But I think balance is the key.  I am lucky that I have Teddy to remind to to take a breather and enjoy the little things in life,  especially him.

Hi Mama!  I love you!


Meet Chyna Doll.  I cant even handle how adorable this picture is!!!

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