Strong Independant Dog Moms

I am lucky enough to have some very strong women in my life that influenced me to be the best dog mom/person that I can be. They fostered my love for animals at a young age and always supported my interests. The most notable is my mother. She is the epitome of a strong independent woman. She was also raised by a strong independent woman. She was raised by my 95 year old grandmother who was literally a “Rosie the Riveter” back in her day. That’s A LOT of girl power to grow up with right? I never thought I could live up to them or that I was as tough as them. However, as I grow older I frequently see their influences throughout my life.

My Mom, or Gam Gam as Teddy knows her, loves being a dog mom herself. To recap, she has tough little Auggie (the terrier mix) and cute little Cassie (the Cockapoo) both rescues. When I work long days she takes care of Teddy for me. She also takes care of Teddy when I travel. My Dad also helps of course, I don’t want to leave him out. Teddy just loves his “Papi”. It is such a relief knowing that Teddy is so well taken care of when I can’t be there with him.

Watching TV with Gam Gam

Snuggling by the fire at Gam Gam & Papi’s

When I was little my Mom would take me to our local animal shelter to get my animal fix. I would hold the cats, pet the dogs, and then whine when she said we couldn’t take any home. Remember, we already had 2 small Yorkshire Terriers named Amber and Ginger and then later on we had a Yorkie named Reggie. My brother and I sometimes accused her of liking the dogs more than us whenever we were in trouble. Lets be honest, it was probably true at times. It also seemed like our family was a magnet for lost dogs. They would wander into our yard, or my Mom would see them on the side of the road and pull over to rescue them. We would always manage to find their owners.

One of my most vivid dog rescue memories from childhood is when I found a puppy on the way to school. I was walking to the bus stop with my brother and I saw something in the bushes by our neighbor’s house. Of course I went to explore, hoping to find myself a kitty, but an ADORABLE puppy jumped into my arms. My brother went to get my mom and she came running outside in her nice work clothes. She yelled at us to hurry up so we wouldn’t miss the bus, and proceeded to take the filthy puppy home. We searched for over a month trying to find its owner, but we concluded he may have just been dumped. My brother and I wanted to keep him because he was so adorable. You know how kids are with puppies. We even had to take him to the Vet to find out what breed he was. He was an Australian Shepherd the Vet said. Now if you know anything about the breed, they are herding dogs. This puppy herded EVERYTHING, us and our poor little Yorkie Reggie. He would bite my little Reggie in the butt constantly. Reggie was clearly not happy, and the puppy was not a good fit for our family. My parents ended up finding a nice family with a farm where the puppy would be truly happy. As a kid I was so mad at my mom, but now I know that she did what was right.

I know now that being a strong woman is always trying to do what is right, even if it isn’t easy. This is one of the most important lessons that my Mother taught me. This is what motivates me to always try to do the right thing, and be the best person that I can be. I am definitely still a work in progress, but I think I owe it to the strong women in my life and myself to keep working at it.

So this one is for all of the strong, women in this world (dog moms or not) that are just trying to do their best. Let’s support each other, learn to be better everyday, and most importantly love our pups!

Check out Handsome Max:

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