Being SINGLE and a Dog Mom

There are a lot of people out there that complain about being single. They are lonely and depressed and feel that they need a partner in life. Being single and a dog mom, I find that I am neither lonely nor depressed. I feel like I have a companion with me for all of the things that a significant other would be with me for. Sometimes I do wonder if this is a problem, maybe it’s holding me back from meeting that special someone. Then I remember that I have someone that is an enthusiastic companion that never complains, loves me unconditionally, sleeps when I sleep, eats when I eat etc. etc. Is this really a problem? I can’t seem to find a downside.

Teddy and I cook together and he literally loves everything that I make, no complaints. He sits next to me while I eat, gazing lovingly into my eyes. Maybe its the food he wants, but I’m going to continue to believe that it’s me. The only thing that ever seems to upset him is my tendency to set off the smoke alarm while cooking. It usually sends him fleeing in terror. In my defense, my apartment has terrible ventilation. I really cant be blamed for that. Luckily my little guy forgives and forgets pretty easily.


Hiding out from the smoke alarm

Teddy and I exercise together even though its not really either of our favorite activity. He is great at Yoga & Pilates. I have actually answered the question “What did you do last night?” with “oh just did some Pilates with Ted.” The surprising part is that the people that know me don’t even flinch. They just say “Fun!” or “Nice!” Totally normal right? The only routine that he really dislikes is the elliptical machine. Every time I get on the elliptical in the corner of my living room, he looks at it like its some medieval torture device. The arms are going, the legs are going and he just does not know what to make of it. Hey, at least I know he cares. When I’m done we resume our side by side work out and stretch it out on the ground. He does each leg with me and is great at doing the downward dog.


Yoga Dog

Teddy and I clean together. This can be a little challenging, I mean who’s favorite activity is cleaning? It usually goes like this. I clean up his toys and he brings them back out. I try to fold the clean laundry and he makes off with my socks. I have so many single socks lying on the top of my dresser in hopes that one day the match will turn up. I empty the garbages and he always manages to steal some dirty tissues to tear up around the house. If it was a person it would be really annoying, but since its an adorable little fluff ball committing these indiscretions, it ends up being just that….adorable. Its inevitable that I manage to annoy him while cleaning too. For instance, finding a pretty bow left over from Christmas and making him wear it, or making him a sweat band from an old t shirt (yes these things have actually happened). Then the ultimate torture, the dreaded vacuum comes out. I try to get it done as quickly as possible since he thinks its out to get him.

Finally, our most favorite activity is when all of the work is done and we can just snuggle on the couch. We catch up on TV and movies we have missed. We binge watch shows that we’ve never seen. Teddy and I just finished binge watching all seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel on Hulu ( Side note, I cant believe I missed out on these shows in the 90’s, it’s tragic. Anyways, I drink my wine and Teddy sticks to his water and Dentastix ( He always lets me pick what I want to watch, no arguments. This makes for the perfect night. Again, I find my single self not feeling lonely or depressed. There has been more than one occasion where I was out on a date and it was so bad I remember thinking “Man I’d rather be home with my dog right now!”


Getting our snuggle on

So I guess I have answered my own question. Do I really NEED someone else in my life? No not really, but it would be nice. I think its empowering to say that you don’t NEED someone else. However, life is about love and our connection with other people, so it would be nice. In the mean time, until the right person comes along, I am more than happy with my current main squeeze, my dog Teddy.

See sweet senior dog Beagle!

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