First Time Dog Mom

I guess I always knew I wanted to be a dog mom from a very young age. Okay, full disclosure, I wanted to be a cat mom but my brother was allergic, so I quickly moved on. We had two little Yorkshire Terriers when I was a child named Amber and Ginger. I was obsessed. I included them in all my daily activities, to their dismay.


After they had passed, we got another Yorkie name Sir Reginald (Reggie). He was the best. He put up with my obsessing over him even more so than the other two had. He was with our family until I graduated from college.


After he passed, I started becoming more and more interested in the idea of adopting a rescue dog instead of buying a dog. I began browsing websites to see how I could get involved. During my research period, I ended up finding a scruffy little stray that my parents adopted named Augustus (Auggie). He is a special little man.


This inspired them to adopt a second time and when my dad retired he finally got his “German Shepherd Dog” aka Cassie the Cockapoo. She is a sweet little black curly haired poodle looking dog. To this day he says “I couldn’t just leave her there!” And we have a good laugh because he is a giant intimidating looking man but is really a total softie.


I decided in 2007 to get more involved at our local animal shelter and began volunteering with the Dog Enrichment Team. We basically work with the dogs that come through our shelter by training them and enriching their lives while they are there.

I officially became a single dog mom in 2011 at the age of 28. I adopted a little fur ball of a terrier mix from the shelter I was volunteering at. It was THE BEST decision I have ever made. I named him Theodore (Teddy) and he fills my life with so much joy and happiness. Teddy was different from all of the other dogs that I had encountered at the shelter. Let me set the scene for you. I came in for my normal Thursday night shift at the shelter. It was a quiet night. One of the other volunteers came in from outside with a tiny ball of fur in her arms. She looked at me and said “I have to leave but I really don’t want to put him back yet. Can you take him?” She put him in my arms and that was that. Fate. I looked at him and he looked at me and we knew that we belonged to each other. In my head when I remember it I see a warm glowing light engulfing us and angelic songs from the heavens playing in the background. (Hey it’s my memory!) My big softie of a Dad helped me clean him up since he was full of mattes from his previous life, and thus began our beautiful life together.


As much as I did for Teddy, he also did for me. I very rarely bring this up, but I suffered from overwhelming anxiety at times in my life. Unless you’ve experienced this, you really can’t understand how debilitating it can be at times. I noticed that once I adopted Teddy, my anxiety just didn’t seem as bad anymore. He truly makes every day better by just being him. I still volunteer every Thursday night at the same shelter, and it is still my favorite night of the week. Some nights are harder than others, but I told Teddy that we have to give back and help other dogs find their furever homes just like he did. You will see me putting links at the end of each blog post to animals that are up for adoption. Spread the word, adopt don’t shop! It will change your life!

Think about adopting this sweetie. Meet Yvonne!

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